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Gulfstream Controls installs and services Automated Logic products. Automated Logic has long been known for its intuitive, powerful front-end building control software. In fact, ALC pioneered graphical programming in the industry. With its graphical user interface, users have such features as hierarchical scheduling, thermographic color floor plans, trending, alarm management, and reporting. And with WebCTRL®, our web-based building automation system, all of these features are available through a standard web browser - without any special software or plug-ins.


Every smart building needs a cornerstone.

Automated Logic's WebCTRL® is a premier building automation system, offering an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. The potential of WebCTRL is universal – literally. It enables you to access your BAS from anywhere in the world through a number of devices – including desktop computers, laptop computers and tablets and cell phones – equipped with Google™ Chrome™, Internet Explorer® v8 or later, Mozilla® Firefox® v21.0 or later, Safari® (Mac Only) v6. And with no need for add-on software.

A proven, industry-leading system, the WebCTRL® building automation system gives you the ability to fully understand your operations and analyze the results with tools that make sense to you.

Look at your building automation system as the gathering place, the repository of all operating data and information related to your building. Whether it is temperature history, utility metering, trend data or comfort measurement, your WebCTRL system effectively packages the information you need for management of your facilities — all without the need for third-party monitoring or subscription services.

WebCTRL Application


The right tools make everyone comfortable.

Whether you're talking about office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities or any other occupied space, comfort is key. It cannot, however, come at the expense of optimum efficiency. That's why Automated Logic has the native tools to help you measure, analyze and compare data to help you balance comfort with efficiency.

The Automated Logic Environmental Index (also known as a Comfort Index) is the ideal tool for analyzing ongoing operations as well as assessing your sustainability targets. The index rolls up granular zone data, allowing you general operational insight with the ability to drill down to any zone in question.

The Environmental Index is your analysis tool for assessing how well systems are controlling, identifying problem areas, and delivering the justification for remedial action.

A live, dynamic dashboard provides real-time analysis of conditions so the operator has insight on exactly what is going on without having to rely on a remote "expert" in the cloud who's unfamiliar with your building.

ALC Environmental Index


Assess your operations at your fingertips.

Information is power, and Automated Logic gives you both with the delivery of a fully capable trending tool. Trend all of the points in your system and have the full benefit of robust historical information.

Automated Logic's WebCTRL® delivers complete trending tools for your building. With its high-speed architecture and distributed trend gathering, all physical parameters (i.e., temperature, relative humidity, dew point, CFM, pressure) are historically trended and securely stored. In addition, all environmental data, both current and historical, can be shown in a tabular or graphical display.

WebCTRL® scatter plot displays deliver a firsthand diagnostic perspective on your major equipment, allowing you to assess system efficiency versus load to further optimize your operation.

With the ability to simply create graphs from data anywhere in the system, the operator has the immediate ability to effectively analyze, diagnose and troubleshoot any aspect of their facility's operations in real time. That same capability provides the necessary backup and documentation to demonstrate your operating effectiveness.

ALC Trends Scatter Plot Tool


Engage Your Occupants in Your Sustainability Story

Automated Logic's Eco-Screen sustainability kiosk is a powerful tool that enables building owners to showcase their properties' energy conservation and sustainability measures. By hosting Eco-Screen on a large touch screen kiosk in your facility's lobby or common area, you will introduce visitors to your building's sophisticated operating systems, providing the public with an interactive and dynamic presentation of your building's most innovative green building features.

ALC Eco-screen


Forward-thinking technology that allows you to look back.

The Automated Logic Time-lapse feature allows you to go back in time to look at and review any aspect of your system. Similar in function to your home DVR, Time-lapse provides the ability to look at floor plans, equipment graphics, trending, and alarms over a past period of time. What better way to analyze and assess your system operations?

Just by specifying a date and a time range, a simple click will grab the system data and deliver to the operator a view that can be stopped, backed up, and stepped forward to narrow down and zero in on a system variance.

Time-lapse lets you catch that unnoticed event, assess off-hours operations, and troubleshoot and compare functionality of buildings, systems and zones.

A powerful tool that allows you to play back hours of real-time data in just minutes.

ALC Time Lapse


Your building officially reports to you.

The EnergyReports (ER) package provides on-the-fly report creation that is simple and intuitive to use. With access to every one of your metered energy loads, you have the ability to create a relevant and informative report in response to immediate demands. Like that favorite report you created? Schedule it to address a repeating need.

What's better than an easy-to-organize reporting package to compare and analyze loads or demand in your portfolio of meters? Easily shift from 3D bar, line or pie chart to a tabular format to optimize your review. Differentiate between occupied and unoccupied, and take into account cooling/heating degree days to achieve a definitive understanding. Change your engineering units relative to the conditions of occupancy (i.e., number of occupants, occupied hours, square footage, carbon pounds, etc.).

Face the natural conflict of occupant comfort and energy efficiency head-on. Include the current Environmental Index value for an instant comparison with your energy use.

Another aspect of WebCTRL® reporting functionality is using a dashboard to display those same dynamic values. This allows you to analyze, resolve, and, if necessary, make trade-offs between energy efficiency and comfort. You are now aware and in control.

The EnergyReports package is another key component of the Automated Logic tool set – and one more way that we make building data powerfully simple.

ALC Energy Reports